IFSA Network

Start Your Own IFSA Chapter

Eligibility Criterias

University Affiliation

You must be a current student at the university where you plan to establish the IFSA chapter.

Passion & Interest

Your passion for finance should be evident. This can be demonstrated through your academic pursuits or personal projects.

Team Formation

You should be able to identify individuals for key roles such as President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, among others.

Sustainability Plan

We need to see that your chapter has a future. Present a clear plan for the sustainability of your chapter.

Activity Plan

We want your IFSA chapter to bring something unique to your university. As such, propose a distinctive and innovative set of activities.

Alignment with IFSA's Mission

Your personal values and your plans for the chapter should align with IFSA’s mission and values.


We need to see that you’re committed. This can be demonstrated through your willingness to devote time to the chapter.

Value Proposition

We want to know how your IFSA chapter will add value to your university and student community.

Approval from University

Some universities may require approval to establish new student organizations. Please ensure you have the necessary permissions.

The Process


Expression of Interest

Are you passionate about finance and looking to make a difference at your university? Start by expressing your interest to us. We are excited to get to know you and understand why you believe an IFSA chapter will benefit your university. This is the first step towards creating an enriching, global finance community at your institution.


Information Package Review

Dive deep into the world of IFSA through our comprehensive information package. Learn about our mission, values, structure, roles, and responsibilities. It’s time for you to understand what it truly means to be a part of our global finance student network.


Submit a Proposal

Now it’s your time to shine! Tell us your plan – Who will be part of your team? How will your chapter be financially sustainable? What are your planned activities? The stronger and more detailed your proposal, the more likely you are to succeed. This is your chance to show us your commitment and vision.


Proposal Evaluation

At IFSA, we value quality and feasibility. Our team will carefully review your proposal, evaluating it on completeness, alignment with IFSA’s mission, and the value it will bring to your university. This step ensures we maintain our global standard across all chapters.


Approval & Charter Issuance

You made it! If your proposal is approved, you’ll be officially part of the IFSA network. We’ll issue a charter to your chapter, a symbol of your dedication and our trust in you.


Setup Assistance

You’re not alone in this journey. We’ll provide all the guidance you need in setting up your chapter, from training your team, to planning your marketing strategy, to organizing your first event. We’re here to help you succeed.


Launch of the New Chapter

Celebrate the birth of your new chapter! Whether it’s a first meeting or a grand event, make your launch memorable and set the tone for all the amazing activities to come.


Ongoing Support & Evaluation

Our relationship doesn’t end at launch. We’re committed to your chapter’s growth and success. Expect regular check-ins, shared resources, and endless support from our global team.


Annual Review

We believe in continuous growth and learning. Each year, your chapter will be reviewed to ensure it’s living up to IFSA standards and creating a meaningful experience for its members. It’s a chance to reflect on your achievements and plan for more!

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