IFSA Network

IFSA Talks


At IFSA, we host insightful conferences led by renowned speakers from the finance industry. These events provide our members with a deep dive into diverse financial topics, from sustainable finance to fintech innovation and beyond. They are designed to widen the understanding of complex financial mechanisms, market trends and also to explore the various career paths in the finance industry. Our conferences offer:


In-depth exploration of a variety of financial topics led by industry experts.


Opportunities to understand complex financial mechanisms and market trends.


Insight into various career paths within the finance industry.

Company presentations & HQ Visits

Our partnership with leading companies in the finance industry allows us to organize company presentations and HQ visits. These events offer our members a unique opportunity to engage with industry professionals, learn about the company culture, and gain insights into the daily operations of these firms. It’s a chance to interact with industry leaders, ask questions, and network, providing a closer look at the practical side of the financial world.


Our workshops are carefully curated, interactive sessions that focus on enhancing both soft and technical skills. They range from financial modeling and data analysis to leadership and communication skills. These workshops are led by industry professionals and are designed to equip our members with practical skills that are highly valued in the finance industry. With our workshops, our members get to learn, practice and master skills that they can immediately apply in their internships, jobs and finance careers.

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