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Our Chapters in the LATAM Region

IFSA Argentina

Expanding Your Financial Horizons

IFSA UdeSA not only provides a gateway into finance but also ensures that students are well-equipped to navigate the industry. Through a blend of educational and practical activities, students are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge and sharpen their skills. The organization places a strong emphasis on financial education, making sure that the essential tools of the professional finance world are accessible to all. Together, we aspire to create a solid foundation for the financial leaders of tomorrow.


Dive into the realm of finance with IFSA UdeSA, a student-led community based at the University of San Andrés, dedicated to helping students venture into the world of finance. Through engaging seminars featuring industry leaders, networking coffee breaks with alumni, and participation in both national and international competitions, IFSA UdeSA has established a robust learning and networking platform. Join us and become part of a thriving community passionate about finance.

Building Competence and Connections

IFSA UCEMA is not just about learning; we believe in application and connection. Stay updated with our academic seminars and presentations, and develop your finance skills through our workshops. We facilitate networking events for you to generate valuable contacts within the finance industry. Additionally, we host inter-university stock market competitions, offering a real-world taste of finance. We firmly believe in financial education, and our aim is to provide essential professional and academic financial tools to as many people as possible.


Welcome to IFSA UCEMA, the finance club at the University of CEMA. We provide an enriching environment for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as alumni who are passionate about finance. Our platform presents a forum for learning, debate, activities, and networking. If you’re a finance enthusiast, you’ve found the right place to engage and grow.

IFSA Chile

Igniting Passions, Building Careers

IFSA UDP is not just an organization, but a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about finance. By hosting a variety of events including workshops, case competitions, and guest lectures from industry professionals, IFSA UDP provides its members with a well-rounded understanding of the finance industry. Whether you’re just starting your journey or are already well on your way, IFSA UDP is committed to helping you reach your full potential in the finance field.


As the newest chapter in Latin America, IFSA UDP promises to bring the comprehensive learning and networking opportunities that are the hallmark of the IFSA Network to the Universidad Diego Portales. With a focus on finance and related industries, IFSA UDP seeks to empower its members with the knowledge, skills, and connections they need to excel in the dynamic world of finance.

IFSA Colombia

Empowering Financial Literacy

In our pursuit of knowledge enrichment, we employ a multifaceted approach, featuring initiatives such as competitions, research endeavors, scholarly publications, comprehensive courses, and various group activities. These avenues offer a tangible foundation for the practical application of acquired knowledge, the exploration of uncharted subjects, and the invaluable reception of constructive feedback. Our commitment extends beyond academia as we aspire to ensure that our initiatives resonate with citizens, playing a pivotal role in enhancing financial education throughout our nation.

IFSA Utadeo

IFSA Utadeo, also known as the Utadeo Finance & Business Club, emerged as a collaborative project comprising students, graduates, and professors from the prestigious Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Colombia. Our primary objective is to elevate the knowledge base of our members in crucial domains like finance, economics, and business.

Building Financial Proficiency

IFSA Finance Club UdeMedellín acts as a conduit between theoretical financial knowledge and its practical application. Through collective efforts, we empower our members with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to navigate the complex realm of finance. Our dedication to financial education extends beyond our club, creating an inclusive environment where diverse viewpoints are valued and encouraged within the broader university community. Join us as we embark on an exciting journey towards enhanced financial literacy, making a positive impact on our community’s financial education.

IFSA Finance Club UdeMedellín

IFSA Finance Club UdeMedellín is a dedicated community of students and alumni from the University of Medellín, committed to advancing financial education. Our club is built upon four fundamental pillars that delve into various financial aspects. We aim to establish a strong bond with students through the creation of informative content, hosting talks, conferences, and organizing interactive activities that encourage active participation from our university community.

Bridge from Academia to Real-world Market Experience

At Bufete Capital, we bring our members and community closer to financial markets and investments in a simulated, professional way. This is mainly achieved through the creation of a simulated investment fund and challenges where multidisciplinary students participate, from a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and master’s degrees. Become part of our mission to financially empower people.

IFSA Bufete Capital

Step into the world of financial expertise with Bufete Capital, your companion in molding future leaders in crypto and stock investments. We are a community of forward-thinkers fostering an inclusive, open, and free environment, dedicated to building a collaborative, non-profit ecosystem. Our mission is to “incubate” the future Top Traders, Analysts, and Financial Market Professionals, providing early exposure to financial markets and stock investments, specializing in crypto and stocks to broaden your financial horizon.

Empower, Connect & Excel

Being part of the University’s only Finance club is not just about acquiring skills that will make them more versatile in their personal, academic, and professional spheres, but it also provides them with a university experience where they can connect with alumni from various disciplines, students from Bogotá, Colombia, and around the world, all thanks to IFSA, an international Finance association entirely led by students.

IFSA Finvext Club

Finvext is a student initiative that takes Finance knowledge to another level, from four different perspectives reflected in the club’s areas: Capital Markets, Business Education and CFA, Marketing, and Investment Banking.