IFSA Network

Our Chapters in the EMEA Region

IFSA Netherlands

Unleashing Potential

Based at Erasmus University Rotterdam, IFSA Rotterdam is a hub for students with a shared passion for finance. Our dedicated team organizes a myriad of enriching activities—from insightful guest speaker sessions and internship talks to challenging global competitions. We’re committed to assisting our members in kickstarting successful careers in finance and beyond, attracting attention from students across a multitude of campuses worldwide.

IFSA Rotterdam

Embark on an exciting journey with IFSA Rotterdam, a cornerstone of finance education and community. As the founding chapter of a the IFSA Network. Our mission is to connect bright minds and to guide them through the fascinating and complex world of finance.

IFSA Switzerland

Accelerating Growth

At IFSA Geneva, our primary objectives revolve around career development and knowledge acquisition. We host career-related events, providing our members with invaluable insights from HR professionals and representatives from various companies. Our branch-specific activities are individually tailored, driving initiative and leadership – two of our core values. These activities range from workshops to informational sessions on various sectors, and larger on-campus projects like our HQ Visit series, all designed to provide you with a rich, comprehensive understanding of the finance industry.

IFSA Geneva

Welcome to IFSA Geneva, a vibrant platform nestled in the Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM). We are committed to our mission of facilitating connections between students and financial institutions, providing them with the technical and personal skills necessary to launch successful careers in finance and beyond. Our organization prides itself on fostering autonomy, encouraging initiative, promoting leadership, and valuing diversity in both soft and technical skills​.

IFSA Russia

Building Success

Over the years, IFSA NES BFS has established an impressive record of achievements, with over 8,400 followers and 7,200 attendants at our 67 events. We host a variety of thematic events with guests from the investment banking and finance industry, covering topics such as ECM, DCM, M&A, S&T, private equity, and asset management. We are proud to host Russia’s first Investment Research Championship, a remarkable opportunity for students to acquire hands-on experience in financial analysis and get noticed by top employers. Furthermore, we manage a share of the New Economic School endowment, providing our members with real-world finance experience.


Welcome to IFSA NES BFS, a non-commercial student organization founded in 2013 by students of the leading Russian university in economics – the New Economic School. Our mission is to help students navigate and excel in the finance world. We strive to assist in building careers, educating our members with exclusive materials to secure internships and full-time positions in the finance industry. Additionally, we aim to spread knowledge through our events, providing students with extended insider knowledge on finance-related topics.