Building relationships

Creating win-win situations and building long-term relationships are two necessities incorporated in our vision.

An introduction of what we provide to our partners :

Established in five continents (thirteen countries) and still expanding, the association provides our partners a considerable exposure to numerous students from elite universities. These students are majoring in various disciplines such as business administration, IT, economics, finance or even mathematics. Furthermore, we expect our people to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge.

As a partner, you have the possibility of directly contacting members from our global network and informing them about all sort of activities. You will have the opportunity of being promoted on various social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or even Google +. To continue with, you will have the possibility of promoting yourself directly on the campuses where we are established. The latter will enable a face-to-face contact with our members. In either case, you will get in contact with our members, or even the student body as a whole!

Professionals and companies working in cooperation with IFSA will benefit from having a page on our website that you will be able to modify to your wishes.

Do want more information? Please feel free to contact us, we will be pleased to inform you about all the opportunities we can bring you!