United Kingdom

IFSA UK aims to connect students from around the World to one of the biggest financial hubs. As one of the early chapters, London will broadcast presentations across a wide range of financial topics. Our goal: to give students for many decades to come, the opportunity to gain an insight into jobs in the city and provide the first stepping-stone to their dream career. 

Through our connections with the UK’s major Universities, students from across the country will be able to participate in workshops and presentations. Our main base will be in Imperial College London, where we have forged strong bonds with their prestigious Investment Society. IFSA UK is also established at the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of Warwick and at the University College London making it the largest chapter of IFSA.

Introducing the Directors of the chapter




My name is Oscar and I am one of the UK Directors for IFSA representing University College London, I’m currently the External Relations Director for the UCLU Economics and Finance Society, predominantly working on the new Alumni Scheme that I am pioneering.

Before I came to UCL I used to enjoy playing rugby for Northampton Junior Saints Academy, but now I’ve taken up Mens Lacrosse at university for a change.

I’ve also been involved in a canoeing expedition to Sweden, during which we made our own shelters and cooked over fires, I would recommend it, but aim not to go for one of the wettest summers in a decade like we did..

I’ve done a little bit of volunteering, out of A-Levels I taught mathematics at a school in Cape Town, South Africa, for underprivileged children, and I helped organise the set up of the Ormiston Trust Burlington Arcade Event in 2014.




My name is Julien Thévenard and I am a final year student in Materials Science at Imperial College London. In an ever connected world, it makes perfect sense to have an international finance society. To me this student network is the place to learn about finance while connecting with like-minded students around the world. This is something unique and I am excited to be the UK Director for Imperial.

My aim for this year is to proactively contribute to IFSA’s expansion in the UK, using the great resources we have at Imperial in the heart of London.