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Founded in 2014 by Jules Maitrepierre, the International Finance Student Association (IFSA) found its home at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The network is the most important aspect of the IFSA. Ever since its establishment in Rotterdam, the goal of IFSA has been to connect students from the best universities in the world. The association is committed towards connecting students to financial institutions and providing them with the required assistance to kickstart successful careers in finance and beyond.

biggest ifsa chapters

ifsa geNeva

Founded at the University of Geneva, the Geneva chapter is an ambitious, innovative and dynamic part of IFSA. IFSA Geneva is constantly developing local projects to create an interaction between students and core professionals such as the IFSA Geneva Golf Competition where students play alongside Geneva’s most successful entrepreneurs. IFSA Geneva consists of three different departments, including students from all over the world. Together they form a motivated team, ready to contribute to the further development of the biggest students’ finance association worldwide.

ifsa india

The India chapter was established in 2017 at the University of Delhi. Within a year of its inception, it has achieved global success in the form of BCG Case Competition and IFSA Trader’s Cup. It has collaborated with firms in consultancy and financial markets space for business projects, and with universities across the globe for developing macroeconomic reports. With a mission to expand the network throughout Asia, the board has recently launched an Investment Fund which they plan to open for everyone in the near future. In 2020, BITS Pilani joined as the new chapter of the IFSA Network.


The Finance Network Ingolstadt is a registered association of the Chair for Finance and Banking at Ingolstadt School of Management and part of the IFSA Network.