New York City

IFSA New York City is our growing chapter in one of the world’s biggest financial centers. Its members are studying at Columbia University. 

IFSA NYC is a recent chapter. As a result of this, the chapter is still under construction. Nevertheless, the hard work of our members at the chapter is acquiring a solid reputation at a tremendous speed. 

We are currently looking for a few talented, smart and hardworking board members to complete our NYC board. If you are interested in working is us, feel free to send us a message! 

Meet New York City’s Chairman

Armand Bernardi Picture


I am Armand Bernardi, and I am the chairman for the IFSA NYC chapter.

Previously studying Ecole Polytechnique where I was majoring in Business Strategy and Finance I am currently enrolled in the MSc of financial engineer at Columbia University. Since a Business summer camp in high school, I have always been con
sidering a career in finance, while pursuing scientific undergraduate studies and winning international maths prizes has been exceptionally edifying.

Born in the US, I have lived in France and Senegal and worked in trading as a Summer Analyst at Societe Generale’s Special Situations Group in New York. I am interested in judo, traveling, fine food and I am a big music fan, having played the piano since childhood.

After creating X-Finance, Polytechnique’s finance club, in 2014, I joined IFSA to develop its French chapter. We will bring together the finance students of the best French schools, giving them the opportunity to build relationships and an international edge.