Lectures & Workshops

By providing extensive theoretical & practical knowledge, we contribute to the development of our members. 

Our lectures and workshops discuss various subjects: from an in-depth explanation of penny stocks, to the future of the field of finance. The lecturers include professors, Phd & MBA candidates as well as professionals working in the field. 

Lectures : 

The lectures aim to discuss broad topics and inspire our members. Highly qualified and charismatic lecturers are responsible for leading these sessions which occur throughout the year. Students can learn immensely from listening to and interacting with these speakers. The aim is not to have a boring, one-sided conversation, but rather an interactive gathering where students can have an open discussion with the experts. Lectures are open to all students at our campuses, although preference will be given to IFSA members.

Not only can our members enjoy lectures in their local chapters, they will also be able to watch those taking place abroad. Our ambition is to record lectures and share these on our website in order to spread knowledge to all our chapters and spark conversations globally. 

Workshops :

The main objective of our workshops is to educate members on specific topics. Unlike the lectures, these will be held in small groups where students can actively participate, learn in an entertaining mannerand receive personal feedback. We believe that the workshops are one of the best experiences we offer our members. The intimate and personal environment of the event allows for great learning and networking opportunities. Due to the small group size, IFSA members will have priority with participation. 

A few examples of our exclusive professors who shared their knowledge and thoughts with our members:  

lw01Dr. Christophe Pérignon
Associate Professor of Finance
HEC Paris
Co holder of the Chair ACPR/Risk Foundation: Regulation and Systemic
Co founder of www.RunMyCode.org 

Dr. Pérignon obtained a Phd in Finance from the Swiss Finance Institute. Furthermore, he was also an Assistant Professor of Finance at the Simon Fraser University of Vancouver, Canada and a Post-Doctoral Fellow at UCLA. His research mainly focuses on derivatives markets and risk management. Moreover, Dr. Pérignon’s papers have recently been published in the Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Business, Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis and Review of Finance.

Dr. Pérignon will give a thoughtful workshop to IFSA Geneva explaining how governments’ actions can lead to the growth of toxic debts. If you would like to read his famous publication on the subject click here. 

lw02Dr. Buhui Qiu 
Assistant Professor of Finance 
University of Sydney
Associate member ERIM

Dr. Qiu obtained a Phd in Finance from the University of Cincinnati, USA. Before joining the RSM, Dr. Qiu worked in major firms such as Ford, PwC Consulting and IBM. He is currently teaching M&A to undergraduates, M&A and Corporate Restructuring to master students and Corporate Finance to master and doctoral students. His research mainly focuses on corporate governance, M&A and corporate information disclosure & fraud. His papers have been presented in numerous renowned international finance and accounting conferences such as the Singapore International Conference on Finance, the CRSP or the China International Conference in Finance. 

Dr. Qiu conducted a fantastic workshop on M&As where he introduced our members to the marvellous world of Mergers & Acquisitions. 

Dr. Vlado Kysucky  lw03
Department of Finance 
Rotterdam School of Management 

Dr. Kysucky studied at MIT and Columbia University, and worked in the finance industry for more than ten years in New York City and in Beijing. 

Mr. Kysucky conducted a very interesting lecture on the reliability and ambiguity of financial models. Further, he also gave an introductory class explaining how to make money using markets’ anomalies.