IFSA’s Traders’ cup

IFSA’s Traders’ cup is the largest student-organized trading competition in the world. The competition was introduced in the year 2017 and because of its huge success became an annual event in the portfolio of IFSA Network. The Trader´s Cup is a team competition. Teams of 4 members compete against each other in an attempt to win the trophy for their chapter as well as a pleasant cash prize. However, it is also possible for people to register into the competition as individuals, in which case they are paired up with people from other universities, which enables them to create new friendships or contacts. The rules of the competition are simple. The competition is divided into two parts: The qualification round and the Grand Final. Only those teams that belong to the top 5% in the qualification round can get to the Grand Final. The teams trade using a chosen trading platform. In the 2018 Trader´s cup, our contestants used MarketWatch’s trading platform. Every team is given 100.000 $ cash, which they then use to trade various US stocks, funds and ETFs. The simulator also contains interactive elements that further enhance the communication between the chapters. The team with the highest returns on the initial capital win the first prize.

The 2018 IFSA’s Trader’s cup

The 2018 IFSA’s Trader’s cup took place from 15th to 26th of January 2018. The competition involved students from over 40 different universities across 5 continents. This year the competition was sponsored by Optiver and organized by the team of IFSA Network. The winning team of 2018 was team Ilya Ivlev from the Moscow Power Engineering institute and Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation,who managed to achieve total returns of 278.187 $.