Harvard Case Competition

The Global Case Competition at Harvard is the world’s most prestigious case competition organized by students. Every year, IFSA and its partners bring together students with finance and business backgrounds from across the world to compete at Harvard on a finance case regarding finance and strategic management with an opportunity to become the winner of a $10’000 prize. Every participating team receives a digital copy of a case, which they have approximately two weeks to complete. A jury then chooses the top ten teams, which they have the opportunity to make a short case presentation to a select panel of distinguished professors and industry professionals in the University of Harvard, Cambridge, MA. These short presentations will be held during a three-day networking event on Harvard’s campus with some of the top minds in the financial and management industries. Activities during the event include the final competition event with special guest judges, a cocktail party with representatives from various companies, an awards gala, a tour of Harvard, excellent speakers, etc. Our goal is, therefore, to give the participants an outstanding opportunity to learn and interact with other students from across the world, cultivate a powerful network, and engage professionals within the industries of management and finance. All the participants in the Global Case Competition at Harvard will also receive an official Certificate of Completion from EBG to be included in future CVs and resumes. If you think you have what it takes to win this competition, contact the IFSA Network for information about the upcoming competition and how to apply. If you are still unsure about participating, read the experience of the winners of the 2018 Harvard Case Competition below.