Cape Town Case Competition

IFSA Network and InvestSoc are proud to announce the 2018 Cape Town International Case Competition. We are bringing together finance and business students from across the world to compete at Cape Town University on a sustainability case regarding the housing crisis currently faced by the inhabitants of Cape Town. 

At launch, a digital copy of the case, which can be completed from abroad, will be released. In teams of 2 to 4 students must then propose their best solutions within the allocated time. This is where candidates will be able to display their creativity and problem-solving skills on a current and relevant macroeconomic issue.

Upon completion of the case, an initial selection will be performed, resulting in 15 best international teams and 15 best local teams remaining. An internal team of professionals will ultimately review and select 4 international cases and 3 local cases to give a presentation in front of a select panel of distinguished professors and renowned practitioners. All participants are encouraged to join the conference held in Cape Town.

Participating in the Cape Town International Case Competition will be an outstanding opportunity to actively learn, interact with other bright minds, and cultivate a powerful network of engaged professionals.

Note that submission deadlines and team size differ per location, details on the case will follow soon!

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