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In 2018, the IFSA Network in cooperation with the Boston Consulting Group and InvestSoc organised a three-week long International Cape Town Case Competition. In this competition, teams of 2 to 4 excellent students proposed a solution to the case provided to them about the housing crisis faced by the inhabitants of Cape Town. In their solutions, participants were able to showcase their knowledge, creativity and problem-solving skills on a current macroeconomic issue. After the teams solved the case, in the first round of the competition, the jury picked 15 best international teams and 15 best local teams. In the second round, 4 international cases and 3 local cases were selected to give a presentation in front of a select panel of distinguished professors and renowned practitioners directly in Cape Town, South Africa. We believe that this year´s participants had a valuable opportunity to create new contacts, show their skills in front of renowned professionals and practically use their knowledge. Moreover, winners of the competition were awarded a cash prize of 5000 South African Rand and for some, it was also a great chance to visit Cape Town, as our sponsors provided the accommodation for all the participants out of Cape Town. IFSA Network´s plans for the future are to continue with similar competitions in the future and create an annual event. If you are interested to find out what the plans are for this year, visit our Facebook page or contact the association directly. Below, you can also read what the participants say about their experience with the International Cape Town Case Competition.

IFSA India – participants of 2018 BCG Case Competition

Our team took part in Cape Town International Case Competition organised by BCG and University of Cape Town in March 2018. The case study was based on Cape Town housing crisis. Workshop by BCG professionals on “guide to solving and presenting cases” proved to be a great learning experience for the team. We want to thank all the people who were instrumental in putting together such a wonderful event. From the city tour of Cape Town to the ending dinner at Villa 47 we had an amazing experience and are highly grateful to the hospitality shown by the organising team. The program was terrific, and we all learned a lot. IFSA Network India would like to thank BCG and the University of Cape Town for hosting such a wonderful event. We can’t wait to see everyone again in Cape Town next year.