Traders’ Cup

The world’s largest trading challenge organised by students to date.

Traders’ cup winner 2017


Introducing Beauregard Berton

I am delighted to be selected as the project manager for the IFSA’s Traders’ Cup. This event is one of the largest and internationally most diverse stock market competitions for students.

It is our goal to create an experience that is unique worldwide and resembles what the IFSA stands for. Despite the fact that the IFSA is still young the IFSA’s Traders’ Cup will attract and foster talents from over twelve countries located in four continents, worldwide.

The basic concept of the IFSA’s Traders’ Cup is to enable our members to test their investing abilities, in a competitive environment and with limited risk. Hence, the IFSA’s Traders’ Cup will be freely accessible for all of our members. By using Marketwatch’s stock simulator as a platform we ensure that every participant will have an experience that resembles real life as close as possible.

Moreover, the IFSA’s Traders’ Cup is not only a valuable as experience. Teams that do very well or even win this prestigious competition will add a lot value to their résumé. Personally, I appreciate these two elements (experience and valuable reference) a lot because it represents core values of the IFSA.

Additionally, it makes me work even harder to create this event as I recognize its relevance for our organization. It is my first major event that I organize for the IFSA; the support and dedication I receive from each department is fascinating. I am very grateful for that. Finally, I would like to explain how the IFSA’s Traders’ Cup works.

The Traders’ Cup

Teams of two to four people will compete against each other and attempt to win the trophy for their chapter. This year onwards, it is also possible for individuals to register. They will be mixed with other students from other top universities allowing participants to build relations and exchange knowledge. Therefore, April 2017 could be more than just the start of the IFSA Traders’ Cup. It can be seen as the start of a prestigious and long-lasting trading competition that will attract elite students all over the world.

The competition will be divided into two parts: The qualification round and the Grand Final. The qualification round will take place from the 10th till the 15th of April. The top 5% will then take part in a one week long Grand Final. 

The platform we will use this year is MarketWatch’s trading platform. Participants will start with $100,000 in cash and will be able to trade numerous US stocks, funds and ETFs. The simulator will contain interactive elements that will further enhance the communication between the chapters.

Currently, the Rotterdam Chapter is working in close cooperation with the Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, WHU, Paris and UK Chapters to make this event a huge success. I am grateful to everyone involved in this project. I am convinced that if we continue our hard work a remarkable outcome for all the participants and the IFSA is guaranteed.

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