Networking & Games

We give our members the chance to challenge themselves with or against students from the best universities in the world. 

Being a global organisation, IFSA offers its members networking opportunities on a prodigious scale. 

Located in three continents (eleven countries), the organisation gives its members a real chance to meet and share ideas and projects with people located at the other side of the planet. We believe that in our days,networking is a key to professional success. That is why we want our people to constantly interact and help each other in building their career. 

Our future project: the IFSA Trader’s Cup :

The trader’s cup aims to put our different chapters from around the globe into competition and test their investing skills. The traders will start the competition with a limited & identical budget.  They will then have the freedom to trade any types of stocks, bonds or commodities, but at their own risk and for a limited amount of time. The chapter which ends with the most money wins the game! 

We are organising events for our members to meet other members as well as professionals.

IFSA will create inter-chapter games where members will have the opportunity to test their capabilities against students located in different parts of the world. Firstly, we believe that games are a fantastic way to understand and remember concepts. Secondly, games considerably help in building bonds between members of a team. Additionally, these members are able to interact with different chapters from different countries; it is therefore possible for them to learn about different cultures. Not only our people are able to play with each other, they are also able to learn from each other. 

Do you want to organise an event or a game with us ? Contact us !