The network is the most important aspect of the IFSA. Ever since its establishment in Rotterdam, the goal of IFSA was to connect students from the best universities in the world. Since 2014, IFSA spread across 5 continents, creating chapters in 34 universities in 13 different countries. Below you can see a list of all the universities that are currently a part of the IFSA Network and a link to their respective Facebook pages, where you can keep up to date with their upcoming events.

IFSA Rotterdam
Established in 2014, IFSA Rotterdam is the founding chapter of the IFSA Network. Based in Erasmus University Rotterdam, the association is committed to connecting students to financial institutions and providing them with the required assistance to kickstart successful careers in finance and beyond. The board consists of members from a variety of programs at the university such as International Business Administration, Econometrics, and Business Economics. The board members are defined by their passion for finance and a strong dedication towards ensuring continual progress and growth of the association.

IFSA India

The India chapter was started last year at the University of Delhi. Within a year of its inception, it has achieved global success in the form of BCG Case Competition and IFSA Trader’s Cup. It has collaborated with firms in consultancy and financial markets space for business projects, and with universities across the globe for developing macroeconomic reports. With a mission to expand the network throughout Asia, the board has recently launched an Investment Fund which they plan to open for everyone in the near future.

IFSA Geneva

The Geneva chapter is an ambitious, innovative and dynamic part of the International Finance Students Association. Besides the participation in global events like the IFSA Traders Cup or the Global Case Competition at Harvard, IFSA Geneva is constantly developing local projects to create an interaction between students and core professionals.

Their latest project is the IFSA Geneva Golf Competition, where students play alongside Geneva’s most successful entrepreneurs. IFSA Geneva consists of three different departments, including students from all over the world. Together they form a motivated team, ready to contribute to the further development of the biggest students’ finance association worldwide.


Igor Ljachowic

Chairman IFSA Geneva

Igor Ljachowic Chairman IFSA Geneva Igor is the Chairman of the Geneva chapter of the IFSA Network, for which he has organized various local events, as well as the IFSA Trader’s Cup and the Global Case Competition at Harvard. He is currently studying Economics & Management as an undergraduate at the University of Geneva, in Switzerland. Besides his studies, Igor holds a strong interest in entrepreneurship, private equity, and commodity trading and is fluent in English, Russian, German, Ukrainian and French.

Dominique Andina

Vice-Chairman IFSA Geneva

Dominique Andina is the Vice-Chairman of IFSA Geneva and a member of the association since 2017. He is currently studying Finance and Economics at the University of Geneva. His wish is to make IFSA Geneva well known in the region and hopes to bring even more prestige to the image of this wonderful association. His passions are sartorial art, literature, political sciences and travels. He particularly enjoys learning about foreign cultures and customs. He also appreciates good and interesting conversations with his friends and family.

Max Groeneweg

Chairman IFSA Rotterdam

My name is Max Groeneweg and I am the Chairman of the IFSA Chapter of Rotterdam. I am from Cape Town, South Africa but moved to Rotterdam to start at Erasmus University. I am currently in my second year of a Double BSc Degree in Econometrics and Economics. The finance sector has always been a field of interest for myself and having the opportunity to lead a team of likeminded and motivated students further into the world of finance is one I am grateful to have. As the Chairman I look forward to broadening the reach of the IFSA and further developing our extensive network of bright students. Joining a network such as IFSA is, to me, the perfect opportunity to explore the finance sector even more. I look forward to working on the numerous international and local events the IFSA proudly organizes and leading my team to a successful year for the IFSA Rotterdam and all its partnered chapters.

Felipe Benítez Schlapp

Vice-Chairman IFSA Rotterdam

My name is Felipe Benítez Schlapp and I am the current Vice Chairman of IFSA Rotterdam. I am originally from Uruguay and I am currently reading for a BSc. In Econometrics and Operations Research. My career interests are focused in the financial sector and I believe that the resources offered by the IFSA are second-to-none when it comes to deepening ones’ understanding about it. This is what motivated me to become part of this team and what I strive to further improve on a daily basis. I pride myself above all from our collaborations with other chapters of the IFSA around the globe. These range from our Global Report, which includes articles about the economic well-being of many countries where IFSA chapters are located, to our case competitions, like Harvard and Cape Town and last but not least our annual Traders Cup. All in all, I believe this to be a great network for people sharing an interest in the financial sector, which fosters international collaboration and offers numerous opportunities for members to develop a deeper understanding of the sector.

Piyush Aggarwal

Chairman IFSA India

Piyush is the former Chairman of IFSA India. He initially led the efforts to establish the chapter in the country and make it a success across South Asia. Besides participating in various global events, he played a pivotal role in leading the Indian contingent to the finals of BCG Case Competition in Cape Town.
He is currently pursuing a degree in Management Studies at Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies. He has strong interests in Finance and Data Analytics and has worked in Consultancy, Transaction Advisory, Project Finance, and Credit Appraisal in the past.



  • Netherlands: Rotterdam School of Management


  • United Kingdom: Oxford University, Cambridge University, University College London, London School of Economics, Warwick University, Imperial College London.


  • France: Ecole Polytechnique, HEC Paris, ESSEC, Ecole Centrale Paris, Supelec University, ENSAE, Sciences Po University, Ecole des Ponts, Ecole des Mines, Dauphine University, Telecom University, ESCP Europe.
  • Switzerland: University of Geneva https, University of Sankt-Gallen.


  • Italy: University of Pavia https, Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi.


  • Russia: New Economic School
  • Germany: Technical University, Ludwig Maximilian University, Goethe University.


  • United States of America: Harvard University, Columbia University.
  • Brazil: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


  • South Africa: University of Cape Town.


  • Japan: Kyoto University

  • China: Chinese University of Hong-Kong
  • India: Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies