Apart from international events and competitions, each IFSA Network Chapter organizes their own local events for the students at their university. These events vary from chapter to chapter and are aimed to give our members extensive theoretical and practical knowledge as well as an opportunity to develop themselves professionally. Firstly, IFSA Network organises lectures on broad financial topics. The lecturers are always highly qualified and include professors, PhD & MBA candidates as well as professionals working in the field. We encourage our members to ask questions and discuss with the lecturers, in order to make the lectures more interactive and interesting. Lectures are always open to all university students, however IFSA members are prioritized. As we want the whole network to be able to learn about interesting topics, we aim to record all of these lectures and upload them on our website, so they are accessible from everywhere in the world.

Moreover, IFSA provides its members with workshops, which unlike lectures, usually focus on very specific topics and are held in smaller groups, so the participants can learn not only from the professional lecturers but also from each other. The workshops are also a bit less formal and are a good opportunity for networking. Apart from lectures and workshop, IFSA organizes a lot of different games and networking events. Located in five continents (thirteen countries), the organization gives its members a real chance to meet and share ideas and projects with people located on the other side of the planet. We believe that in our days, networking is key to professional success. That is why we want our people to constantly interact and help each other in building their career.